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Khatam Al-Nabieen University

-Created 09/25/2018



location Kabul, Afghanistan

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Established and launched by advices of the Grand Ayatullah Mohseni and efforts of Dr. Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi, now after several years of successful activities with management and leadership of Dr. Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi as a president and Mohammad Javad Mohseni as a Senior vice founder and plenipotentiary representative of the founder, has trained more than 5,000 students in Kabul, Ghazni and Jaghori.

This university has started its academic activities in 2007 with the order No. 299 of the Presidential Administration and permit number (10) from the Ministry of Higher Education in Sharia law and law, medicine, computer science, political science, economics and management, electrical engineering, social sciences, commercial management, economic management, midwifery, and medical technology. Now it has very well-trained academic professors, standard educational system, and updated educational facilities and technology which is counted of important features of this university.

General objectives of the university:

  • Training of professional forces in different sectors meeting the scientific and executive needs of the country.
  • Helping the country’s development process through the provision of scientific and research services.
  • Consolidating to the principles of Islamic Brotherhood and national unity among ethnic groups and religions of the country.
  • Promote and expand the culture of lawfulness in order to modernize and rebuild Afghanistan.
  • Designing and delivering theoretical and practical theory for the Afghan society.
  • Localization of academic theories according to the country’s conditions.

University educational system:

The Khatam Al-Nibieen University curriculum is a credit system. Credit system is the latest and most advanced educational system in the world and the university has got approval of the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan in order to run its education system accordingly. Based on the credit system, each student at the undergraduate level will receive about 145 credits in 8 semesters within maximum for four years. Each semester encompasses around 20 curricula. Each curriculum is referred to as a course in which the content is taught in 16 hours. Also, in a master’s degree in line with different disciplines, students will spend a maximum of 34 credits for a maximum of three years, including a thesis.

Kabul, Afghanistan
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